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Alice on cloud 9

Chapter 1:

Alice was getting tired of being at home with nothing to do but chill with her older sister. This got boring and the splif on the table suddenly became appealing, it wasn’t colourful or interesting ‘so what is the point of that then’ thought Alice. So when her sister left Alice then took it upon her-self to pick up the splif light it up and blaze like her sister would when mum went out to work.
The first puff made her choke uncontrollably ,but regardless of this curiosity made her do it again and… nothing and with that she quickly put it down and thought to herself ‘what a waste of time’.
At the corner of her eye a white rat ran past, Alice thought nothing of it as rats always always running around in her house. ‘shit! I will be late again’ mumbled the rat, still Alice thought this as nothing new (weirdly) until he pulled out a samsung galaxy S5 looked at the time and ran in a hurry.
This was new to Alice so she did what she thought was most logical and chased the rat until he ran to a bush covering a hole and jumped in it, for a mili-second she looked and curiosity again made her jump in the hole.
down, down, down, she fell ‘when will this end its been going on for 1000 of miles and the latitude alongside the longitude will make this coherent .’ she thought ‘logically’ to herself ( not that she understood the words she was saying) and as she thought it she dropped.THUMP! and weirdly enough she landed painlessly, she jumped to her feet, looked around at the empty tunnels filled with doors at the corner of her eye the smallest door to small for Alice to fit court her eye just like the spiff on the table. Next to the smallest door was a table with a bottle of Jack Daniels with a sign saying drink me. Alice simply thought to herself there is a small door and a bottle of JD , to fit through the door you must drink the JD and that’s what she did but just to be sure she read the bottle to see if it was a harmful substance. At first she hated the taste but got quickly acquainted with it and with in 30 seconds a 500ml of JD was gone.

Her head started to spin rapidly and a weird sensation occurred all over her body and by the time she opened her eyes she happened to be the same size as the door that court her eye, she froze for a couple seconds just in case she shrank again … she didn’t so with that she pushed open the door with a failed attempt as the door was locked , only then did it occur to her that she needed the golden key that was next to the bottle of Jack. She could see it from the floor looking up at the table and with a few pathetic attempts to jump for the key she realized it was too high up to reach, Alice then stopped to think how she could get the key after crying about her failed attempt to jump for the key and look around , and under the table there was a plate of ugly green looking space cake like the on her older sister eats when her friends come over, with another sign saying ‘eat me’ and without thinking Alice ate the cake because curiosity told her it has to make her bigger, witch is exactly what happened and as she grew she grabbed the key and drank the dregs from the JD on the table and re-shrunk to the size of the door and without hesitation she opened the door and walked though.

messing around experimenting with ball point pen re creating the 1st chapter. 

Chapter 2:

'WTF OMG' cried Alice in surprise turning her English to text form due to excitement as she looked at the landscape of what was on the other-side of the door, not that she had time to stay exited because out of nowhere the rat came out again this time wearing a pair of knuckle dusters on one hand and a lighter in another and again he muttered to him self ' dam! the bitch, the bitch , I have kept her waiting' as Alice went to talk to him 'yo, mr r-' The rat startled dropped his knuckle dusters and lighter and ran into the darkness. Alice picked up what the rat dropped and stated playing with the fire and wondered to herself 'what is wrong with me. Who am I? is this how we grow up?'. This was a deep question that played on her mind. As she was thinking about this she realized that she had walked a distance and scared of being lost she ran back for the door, another failed attempt because by the time she ran back to the door it closed and locked and she could not get back in.
with no other option but to find another way out Alice then started to walk around looking for the white rat that dragged her here (even though it was her curiosity but it made Alice feel better to put the blame on someone that wasn’t her).

”First I am late, now I lost the bitches gifts, FUCK SAKE! she is gunna shave me, execute me, fuuck! Where the fuck are her gifts I had to have dropped them” Rat mumbled to himself full of fear and anger. Alice saw this and realize that what she had picked up happened to be ‘the bitches’ gifts. It didn’t take long for the rat to notice Alice watching the rat loose his marbles and as soon as he saw her and in angry tone he called out ‘Mother-fucka, what the hell are you doing here? go home this instant and go get me some knuckle dusters and a lighter … Quick!’ and with fright mixed with stupidity Alice ran back in the direction she came from to go home and get what the rat wanted without even thinking to tell him that she had then already and explain what happened.
on the way she stumbled on what must of been the rats house with a sign saying W-rat engraved on the door, with no time to think she pushed open the door and ran upstairs and realized that one she had the the gifts in the first place and two… this is not her house and it is rude to run into someones house and start looking around, With that knowledge she then went to leave the house but stopped when she came to little room resembling her living room and walked in, in there the table was a set of lighters and knuckle dusters she grabbed one of each and attempted to leave the room but again curiosity spoke to her and pointed out the bottle of spiced rum on the table resembling the colour of apple juice. With the knowledge of past experience that everything she previously ate or drank had done something interesting she then proceeded to down the spiced rum like she did the JD. Just as she finished downing half the spiced rum her head wasn’t dizzy like the first time and started to grow uncontrollably overgrowing the room she was in until she had to go down on her knees wishing she hadn’t necked half the bottle , not that wishing she could change anything because she still contend to grow until she had to lay on her belly, now the bottle had don its magic and she was at the largest and she did not grown no more, she laid there uncomfortable wondering in ‘what if’, ‘what if I didn’t drink that drink , what if I didn’t go down the hole, then I would not have had to drink those drinks or get bossed around by a talking rat.’
but at the same time she thought ‘this is a once in a life time experience and is just like being in my own fairytale, I always wanted to be one as well’ at this point Alice started arguing to herself about how she had been stupid and she should learn her lesson of listening to every instruction given.

Chapter 3

Moments later angry rat came back shouting ‘mother-fucka get me them knuckle dusters and lighter this instance’ Alice knew it was rat and she got scared knowing that the out come on this was not to be a good one. Rat then came into the living room to be confuted by an over-sized Alice followed by a shock look as he stared at her eye to eye in disbelief. After a minute rat came out with the first suggestion on how to get oversized Alice out of the room ‘lets burn the house down’ he said as if it was the only option left in rapid response Alice screamed in fear ‘NO, lets not, where are the space cakes , you must have space cakes’ this stopped rat in his tracks an started to think long and hard and after what seemed hours he came to the mental conclusion he had some and in seconds he scampered off and came back in 30 seconds with paper cut into tabs with a picture of a decapitated rabbit, Eat this is , this should do the trick’ he said with a tone of confidence and with that Alice trusted him , not that she had any other choose and ate the tabs, as she placed them on her tongue she found that they dissolved instantly and and with that she felt a her tongue go numb and back down she came but now smaller than what she was previously. Frightened now that rat was taller than her she ran out of the room out the house and headed for what looked like the woods to seek safety. As she approached the ‘woods’ she saw a huge dog ( a small puppy if she was regular size and decided to catch a ride off it by waving a stick she found and gave it to the dog as a peace offering and climbed up using its hair as a rope, with this she just sat on the dog holding tight as it ran deep into the woods until he came to a halt, this was the sign for Alice to know she had aver stayed her welcome on the dogs back so with a polite ‘thank-you and take care’ off Alice climbed and took the journey by foot where she came to a red with white polka dot mushroom, the size of her and wondered of eating this would get her back to her original size just like in the Mario games. Just before she bit into it she inspected the mushroom and as she looked on the top she was confronted a large slug with its arms folded smoking an over sized cigar like the ones you get in a gangster movie, who did not even pay Alice with the slighted bit of attention.

Chapter 4

After a wile of staring between Alice and the slug both trying to workout who the other was slug broke the silence and in a deep patois accent slug spoke ‘who is yuh’ Alice did not know how to answer this question, how could she possibly answer if she did not even know the answer herself, so to to this she replied ‘I.. I don’t …really know myself, i did know who i was this morning i must have changed a few times during the day’.’ Ah wah yuh mean? yuh a chameleon? explain yuhself’ replied the slug sternly in confusion.’I can’t explain, I don’t understand myself, so to even try and explain will be senseless , my head has been all over the place today and I have been everywhere and been many sizes, if you ben what i have been through you would feel the same right?’ Alice tried to explain and the slugs reply ’ mi nuh understand yuh and mi nuh feel like yuh. Suh mi ask yuh again , who is yuh?’ Alice was getting annoyed now with the convocation circling back to the start and as an attempt to brake it she said ’ why don’t you tell me who you are’ ‘why yuh want fi know’ replied slug.This puzzled Alice again and she could not think of a good reason on to who she would want to know about slug, as the slug seemed to be a foul mood so with that Alice walked off ‘come back’ shouted slug ‘mi av somting important fi tell yuh’. This sounded promising and more fruitful than the last conversation she just had with slug ‘cook yuh self nuh mon’ he said in reply to this Alice said with defence and rudeness ‘was that it’ , ‘nuh liccle miss renk’ replied slug
and with nothing better to do she waited plus he might have knowledge worth knowing. After he puffed his cigar he slowly unfolded his arms took the cigar out his mouth and said ‘suh yuh tink yuh change?’. ‘Yes, yes i do,I keep chaining sizes and forgetting things I used to know’ replied Alice ‘cyan remeba wah?’ he said.
'Things like drake.
Started from the top bottom now here’.
She replied in a monotone voice. ‘Repeat Nas ether, the diss to Jay-z’ said slug
(I) fuck your soul like ether
(lose) i prove you lose already.
(will) teach you the king you need know you …ermmm
'god's son' across the back'.
rapped alice unsuccessfully.’Not quite right is it , the words are alternated’ Alice said again.’nah , none of it right’ he replied. They both stared at each other for a good minute ‘wah size yuh want fi bi?’ slug broke the silence ‘i really don’t know , and i hate constantly changing sizes, you get me’ she protested ‘mi nah nuh yuh nuh’ said the slug ‘what’ Alice did not understand ‘mi seh, mi nah know’ he said slower ‘alice paused she was so pissed off , she had never dealt with such contradiction before in her life. ‘Yuh ‘appy now’ he replied to brake the reoccurring silence.’well i would like to be a little larger , if you would not mind,3 inches is the size of a small dick’ Alice stated trying to cause offence to the slug for making her angry.’dis a nice hight tank-yuh very much!’ he said angrily standing up to exactly 3 inches small. ‘But i am not accustomed to this size!’ she replied matching the anger he had in his voice. ‘why y’all creatures get offended so easy for man ,truss’ she then went on to say weirdly changing her voice to an american from the getto side of new york.’dont worry yuh self yuh get used to it in time ,truss’ replied slug a patronising voice. again the atmosphere became silent as slug put his cigar back into his mouth and he puffed away. A minit later he went and re-broke the silence and said ‘mi gone liccle miss renk , but mi leff yuh wid diss, pik a side, one a guh mek yuh tall an di other one a mek yuh liccle.’ and with that he lift leaving alice in confusion ‘what? raute small? big? what? where?’ she shouted in the distance to slug and just before he got out of hearing range he shouted back ‘di mushroom’.

Alice looked st both sides looking for a difference in both side to give her a clue into witch side will change her the size she wanted, After finding difference between ether side alice went with her gut instinct and took a bite out of the the right and side only because she was right handed. and like last time she waited… something was different this time ,normally her head span, not this time.

Trile test done in pen, i chose this chapter to recreate as a trile to get a feel of creating a piece of work in the same visual language as John Tenniel.

Chapter 5

Her eye sight became fuzzy to a point where she could not see and over the previous seconds to come her sight was to come back but this time emphasizing the colours in witch she saw all around her like something from a cartoon, grass became luminescent green Hi-Viz on a builders jacked or one of those chavy 13 year old mini skirt on they where on a ‘night out’. ‘what is going on’ shouted alice hoping slug would here and come back to her aid, but unfortunately he never herd, instead what happened is she slowly re-transformed into a spider sprouting out arms and legs out of nowhere, hair coming out of every part of her body and no sooner as she turned and wonder what happened a shriek came from no where ‘spider!!’ Alice in panic looked around and the shriek came again ‘spider !!’ this time Alice knew she was the one being talked about Alice knew there was no point in trying to deny what she was because there was no way in convince the bird that spider was a little girl so to save herself she cried out ‘I am not here to cause a problem’ and with that she scamper away. In her hand was still pieces of the mushroom, with no other option she decided she must eat pieces of the mushroom to regain the correct size she once was and after an hour of transformations from giants, to gorillas, to human of uncomfortable heights, she finely regained to her correct size and with that she dropped what was left of the mushroom and carried on wondering aimlessly until she came to a halt when in the distance she saw what looked like a night club like the one her sister goes to on a Monday night with her friends, ‘i don’t want to go there’ said Alice to herself ‘every time my sister comes home from there she is really horrible to me and throws up all over the house’ but curiosity is what we call convincing, he has the ability to sway the weak minds and with this Alice decided to go in to the club and ‘check it out’. This club was different like other time there was no big man standing outside the club so as anyone els would do, she walked in.

Chapter 6

As soon as she entered bass shot through Alice as Shy FX played out from, what she thought had to be, 1000 inch subs lined in and stack one on top of each other in the corner, instantly knocking her off her feet for a brief second before re-orientating herself then looked around the room. ‘The club is packed’ shouted everyone in the room, ‘There is’ Alice said in protest and to prove that point ( and because she wanted to stay at the club to ‘check it out’) so she stayed and started ‘skanking to the bass’. ‘have some jager bombs with us’ the fitted cap man proceed to say after seeing Alice skank. ‘Here is no jager bombs only Champagne’ exclaims Alice ‘that is not cool’ she continues ‘well its not ‘kool’ for you to come here and just start skanking to out music without an invite’ said the guy in the fitted cap ‘I am sorry,I didn’t mean to be rude i just wanted to have a bit of fun like grown ups so i just though i would jam with you guys’ Alice said knowing full well she had been rude and attempted to make up for the damage she has caused ‘naa mans he cool let her jam with us she looks like fun and she got moves’ said the man in the fitted cap.

For the next hour or so Alice danced and drunk Champagne along side the fitted cap man and everyone els she met to day. White rat, slug, pigeon and this woman she had not met before, with a wild guess (which was correct) Alice said to herself ‘that must be Bitch that white rat needed the gifts for’. with this knowledge she did nothing as she was having too much fun to cause tension. After another hour Alice turned into her sister on a Monday night and started dancing on tables chaired and anywhere but on the floor until she tipped the last glass of Champagne down her throat, witch tipped her off balance and tipper her to the floor from her tip toes unconscious.

'where am i' Alice said in a dazed voice lost to the soundings trying to re-orientating herself, yet again. 'where you was for the past 7 hours, stoned out your face drooling all over the sofa murmuring shit about a rat and a slug like a mad man' said Alice's sister in an informative, sarcastic answer fused with authority. I..I .I don't know hat happened to me i was like … i wont bother' Alice said realizing that there was no point to explain and she should grow up and take any punishment given for her wrong doings, 'I tell you what happened, i made a splif, went to make you food and by the time i came you had smoked my joint and ran off to some cloud 9 leaving me to eat your food. But that's between us. Mum knows NOTHING, OK!' and with that speech from her wiser older sister it was left as that.

Pen scribbles testing out pen and its affects.

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Elmer The Multicultural Boy

There was one a herd of wild children, that lived in Birmingham.
Boys and girls young,boys and girls in there teens,
boys and girls fat or tall or short or thin.
Boys and girls like this, that or the other, all different
in there own unique way but all happy and the same race but one.

All except Elmer.
Elmer was different he was multicultural.

Elmer was part; white British Polish and Indian Asian and Chinese Asian and
Black Caribbean and African.
Elmer was not of the ‘normal’ boy colour in his postcode.

It was Elmer who kept all this children in his area happy and united.
Sometimes he joked with the other children, sometimes they joked with him.
but if there was a smile on someones face when Elmer was there, it was usually
Elmer who started it.

One night after coming home from school, a load of children from another area started
calling Elmer racist names such as ‘half breed’ and ‘mud blood’ and ‘Nigger’ and ‘Packi’ and ‘illegal immigrant’ and ‘go back home to where you come from’ and loads of other names.

This had been happening for a few weeks and Elmer never told anyone because he did not know how to handle the situation and he thought no one would take him seriously.
Elmer could not sleep because of this and it seemed to get worse as the weeks
went by. Instead of sleeping Elmer kept thinking.

'Is there a way i can be white like all the other kids?'
'whoever herd of a multicultural boy in a white area? No wonder the kids keep talking the mickey out of me.'

So Elma thought a genius idea.

In the morning before everyone was awake, Elmer slipped quietly away unnoticed.
As he walked through city, well out of his postcode.
As he walked through the city he met other races.

He met Pakistanis and Indians and Africans and Europeans and Caribbean’s and Chinese and Japanese and Philippines and much more.
They always said ‘good morning brother.’
Each time Elmer smiles and said ‘good morning’
After a long walk Elmer found what he was looking for - a pharmacy.

And in there was bleach, a whole aisle filled with different brands of skin bleaches and sizes.
Elmer picked up the biggest container of bleach he could find and covered himself from head to toe like Vibes Kartel, thickly applying the content in the container until there was no sign of Polish or Indian Asian or Chinese Asian or Black Caribbean or African.

when he had finished he looked like all the other the children in his area.

After that Elmer set of back his postcode area. On the way back he passed the other races again.
This time the Pakistanis and Indians and Africans and Europeans and Caribbean’s and Chinese and Japanese and Philippines and the other races said ‘good morning brother.’
like last time but no one recognized him.
Each time Elmer smiled and replied ‘good morning’ pleased that he was not recognized.

When Elmer rejoined the rest of the kids they where all standing quietly. None of them recognized Elmer as he worked his way through his area.

After a while Elmer felt that something was wrong, But what? he looked around same old house same old pot holes in the roads same old glass filled pavements that the council never cleaned
and lastly the same old children. Elmer looked at them.
The children where standing absolutely still: Elmer had never seen then so serious before. The more he looked at the serious, silent, still, standing children, there more he wanted to cry.

Finally he could not bare it no longer and he broke down in front of everyone.

The children all turned and was in shock
"oh my gosh golly" they all said as they saw Elmer helpless with tears running down his face.
"Elmer," they said "it must be him , whats wrong Elmer?"
Then all the other children crowded around him any cried like never before when Elmer had told them why he bleached his skin because of the kids on the way home from school.

They all cried and told Elmer they where sorry he felt different to the rest of them and how they where going to walk home with Elmer after school to protect him.
Suddenly the rain could cloud burst and when the rain fell on Elmer his real skin colour started to show again and all of them started to laugh in relief as Elmer returned back to his original self.

"oh Elmer," gasped a concerned parent. "you had us all in shock there for a long while, do not ever pull a stunt like that again, you can always try and change but your true colours will always show through."

"we must celebrate this day every year, as a day to be proud of your heritage and culture and skin colour and all it Elmer’s day" said another parent.

All boys and girls must appreciate all colours and races and cultures and stay true to who they are.

tester sketch of front cover to see what does and does not work.

working progress  of front cover. sketched using SAI pain tool 

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THIS is the final result to my art project ‘hidden heritage’ this is the most deep thought piece of work i have ever done so far.

I got this idea from a class project ‘stitched up’ where the project (basically) was to pick a subject that means allot to you and present it using sewing of some sort. i had allot of ideas for this project but settled on unjust events, i the went deeper into unjust events and focused on unjust events in race and origins from there came…

'hidden heritage' a piece made from unbleached calico used to represent parchment with writing,  the writing came from the full version ( i will attach on)  of 'hidden heritage'. A spoken word poetry based on my hidden history I writ wiles doing this project, for this project. As the full vision could not get sewn on i cut it the spoken word short.            

'Hidden heritage' is, my interpretation of on a sheet of parchment( crated from unbleached calico) -witch has been batted through time but survived to tell people what it was like in slavery days and written in a poetical style- from the 1800's when black slavery was  popular in both Europe and America. The parchment talks about the hidden heritage people are most embarrassed about (both black and white) witch is kept hidden, and yes its well hidden ( i know because i had to research this in grate detail but still only scratched the surface of this taboo) that subject is jeweled heritage people (Jeweled heritage is mix race but i prefer to be called jeweled heritage)  , the heritage most recent race but the only race (i believe) to have the darkest history, form the way we was treated as humans to how we (our  ancestors) where made i think we also have the least history due to hidden accounts from black white and jeweled heritage people.

'Hidden heritage' goes deep into my heritage's history where i attempt to go into the mind jeweled heritage person who lived in the 1800's explaining how we was created, treated  and lived wiles at the same time i give my opinion on being jeweled heritage person living today and also give historical information as accurate as i can with the little knowledge i have on jeweled heritage history in a poetical form.

with ‘hidden heritage’ I aim  to educate everyone mainly people who are jeweled heritage and especially the youths because i  think its time people asked about there history and found some answers its time people got the truth i think its time to make a change by understanding and accept the past and i think this quote sums it up

”See cause if you forget where you come from, heheh You’re never gonna make it where you’re goin, aheh
Because you lost the reality of yourself”

"All That I Got Is You ghostface killah"        

this is the full spoken word piece 

Hidden heritage

Jeweled heritage, biracial, multicultural, mixed race, half cast, mulatto, half breed, mud-blood … oww These are the names that follow us around. But nigger this nigger that because we halfway between way black but what about the other Your talking like I am only my mother But what about my father. Across from forren lands he came sewed his seed and out popped me second time round. 9 months, for the future they call me dunce. No confused is what it was.

Because my blood holds the history of mother and father and my own fucked up hidden history too. But its funny how that part is locked up an brushed away . WHO ARE YOU! TO HIDE MY TRUTH

Bet they diddnt tell you the part where

They fucked over are formothers around, from the back in the front and all over the plantation, left them to suffer and bring up a hidden generation, of kids no father , ‘who’s daddy’ they ask her , for the answer , to never be told to As the truth is cold Filled with hate , anger, guilt and disgust Because baby’s father had an undesirable lust for her so he thought with his penis and viciously thrust-ed her and regardless of the consequence he bust in her To tell it too the kid she created if it wasent killed at birth for being the product of rape will be like.. cremating the little dignity and pride she has left How can she survive when she sees your daddy through your eyes And If you ever found out then you would realize why she could not look you eye to eye Or how

They treated us differently because are skin color was half way lighter than she . My mother’s nodal race but not as light as father’s powerful race so we where outcasts from both sides …halfbreed unseen mud-bloods no love so half way discriminated both-ways is what we became. House keeper’s and nanny’s …cuz the plantation was too good for us ohh but not good enough to live in the house so we was in the house but not liveing in it but slaving innit.suppes that daddys way of bringing up his kid, rite …

And why

When the brave smart ‘half breeds’-as you called them- got diluted by generations of white men got the chance run, they ran Like bolt and blake Neva stopping daym From there plantation to another plantation But with a twist, using fake identity to fit in with the white man you see so they could be treated equally no equality obviously we got found out causing chaos White man getting vexed prosecuting us as-well there own blood ‘cuz’ of lack of trust Because he had a African looking nose or his olive skin was dark enough to call half breed yo Or the white man wanted more akers so he accuse the slave master of his blood being mudded to turn him to a slave calming the land as his ‘cuz’ That’s buisnises and all cort-case was unjust for the one acused of faking white because the one drop rule was something they held on to tight keeping the superior supreme white an clean from the dirty dis-colourd nasty Negros

One drop for those who don’t know Is the rule that states basically one drop of black blood in you makes you black Nigga They diddent mention that did they?

So don’t tell me about my own blood And don’t tell me that I am black so I come from the hood And don’t tell me that I am white because when u get mad at me lets put it like this I an not a honkey right

And don’t tell me my history when you don’t evin know but u think you do. ……..because your an expert on skin color and origins because you looked at me for 2 second from a mile off a few days ago…

So yeah i am Jeweled heritage, biracial, multicultural, mixed race, half cast, mulatto, half breed, mud-blood i will accept all thees happily because i ‘ent’ letting go of my hidden history because you embariced to embrace the your sins you made accidentally I am the new race mix race and I ‘ent’ no fucking disgrace .

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